Marchione 17″ Archtop

$39,500 USD

Nut Width: 1 3/4”

Scale Length: 25 1/2”

Neck Depth at first Fret: > .86”

Marchione ergonomic neck shape

Lower : 17”

Fingerboard, Headplate and Fittings: Ebony

Top: Euro Spruce

Back,Sides, and Neck: Flamed Maple

Fret: Stainless Steel

Locking Machine Heads: Sperzel

Available in a variety of lacquer colors upon request


My Archtops have tremendous projection and give you a broad, pleasing voice at full acoustic volume. My detail work and experience consistently give you a neck that’s stable, reliable and easy to play. The design and construction of my instruments is strongly influenced by the great guitars of the past, which I examined at length, from D’Aquistos to D’Angelicos, from Fletas to Contreras.

Perfectly crafted guitars and delighted customers are my passion. I build each Archtop to be the Ferrari of Archtop guitars. When you play a Marchione Archtop, you’ll find that playability, acoustic sound, and beauty are my focus. I invite you to discover for yourself the difference that quality and experience really makes. For the original owner, I guarantee materials and workmanship for the life of the instrument.

I designed the 17″ Archtop to harness the incredible tonal qualities and acoustic fullness of a full size 18″ Archtop while maintaining the aspects of playability found on smaller body guitars like my 15″ and 16″ models. I achieved this by keeping as much body width and fullness in the arch as possible while decreasing the side depth of a traditional large Archtop down to >3″.

The result is a beautiful guitar that sits comfortably, even on smaller players, while providing an acoustic tone that fills the room. This instrument is equally at home in traditional jazz performance settings or simply on your lap in your living room next to a glass of fine wine.

In nearly all settings, the richness of sound achieved acoustically will satisfy all of your desires. Should you want amplification, this guitar features a custom designed, hand wound, floating Marchione humbucker able to pick up all the subtleties of the pure acoustic bliss, just like the best ’50s PAFs.

As in all of my Archtops, I use only the highest quality woods, tools, glues, and techniques. All glue joints are done using hot hide glue. Used by instrument makers for centuries, it provides unparalleled levels of durability and incomparable tone. These instruments are built to last for more than a century.

The top is made from high grade Engelmann or European Spruce. The back and sides are constructed from stunning, beautifully flamed or quilted, American and European Maple.

The neck is built with Flamed Maple and is adorned with a beautiful piece of African Ebony for the fingerboard. It’s then fretted with stainless steel fret wire. The combination of the hard ebony fingerboard and the rarely utilized stainless steel fret wire provide the utmost in durability and uncompromising tone. You certainly won’t need a fret job on this guitar!

The pickguard, tailpiece, and headstock plate are African Ebony and feature tasteful wood inlays upon request. I use Sperzel locking machine heads.

This model is available with either a classic F-hole design or with my modern symmetrical sound-hole design, which offers slightly increased volume due to the larger sound-hole opening.

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