Handmade in Texas


Stephen Marchione started building instruments in 1990 after graduating from Naropa University with an B.A in Music. He completed his graduate education at Cooper Union where he studied Spanish Culture and later finished an SBA Business Program at Baruch College in Manhattan.
In his early 20’s Stephen had the opportunity to begin working in the guitar building world at Pensa-Suhr Guitars, where he learned the basics of electric guitar building under the direction of world renowned guitar builder John Suhr. Additionally, Stephen also studied privately with Manhattan-based violin makers Guy Rabut and Charles Rufino.
In 1993, Stephen opened his first shop “Marchione Guitars” in New York City and built his brand for a decade, where he earned a reputation of Master Luthier. In 2001, Stephen moved back to his hometown of Houston where he built a studio exclusively to make guitars in.
Growing up in an Italian family, Stephen has embraced his European roots and American influences to design his unique masterful pieces.

“To get the player’s appreciation of my instruments it is important for me to understand and really feel each guitar I make. The reason I am able to do this is because over the years I have studied Jazz, Blues, Classical Guitar, and Flamenco Guitar. I can relate my guitars to all those different genres as a player as well as a Luthier”